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The Friends of Liberty State Park   
P.O. Box 3407 
Jersey City, NJ 07302


The Friends, is an all-volunteer, Officially Recognized Friends Organization of the NJ Division of Parks and Forestry. We celebrated our 20th birthday in the Spring of 2008 with many accomplishments and much positive work ahead as a grassroots open space park organization dedicated to Liberty State Park which turned 30 on June 14, 2006.

 Since 1988, we've been engaged in many issues and projects with the free and green park vision and persisted in our mission of advocating for, protecting, beautifying and promoting this urban state park. The park is a sacred and uplifting NJ and American public space, due to its views of Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, the Manhattan skyline and the harbor, and also due to the parks role as an invaluable urban waterfront, green oasis in a densely populated urban region. People of all ages and cultural backgrounds come to enjoy the park for many free uses. Liberty State Park is a special recreational, natural, historical, educational and cultural public resource.

LSP has its special views, open spaces, Grove of Remembrance,  waterfront Liberty Walk, CRRNJ Terminal, Interpretive (nature) Center, natural area Interior, and Liberty Science Center. 
The Friends has strongly encouraged public participation in decision-making on LSP's future, to help create a park for the ages for all to enjoy. The overwhelming and clear public consensus for a free park behind Lady Liberty, the worlds greatest symbol of democracy and freedom, has prevailed and the parks direction is now set. Its future is assured as one of the finest and most important urban parks in the world. The Friends played a leading role with citizens and statewide organizations to defeat major commercialization/privatization plans such as the golf course and commercial waterpark.

In 2003, the NJDEP listened to a grassroots statewide Coalition led by The Friends and our close ally the LSP Conservancy, and terminated LSPs private Development Corp., the unpopular source of many negative and wasteful battles. Its abolition signaled the start of a new era of cooperation between the public and the NJDEP.
We spearheaded the establishment of the state's largest playground in this family park and also the creation of the parks shuttle bus system which connects to the LSP Light Rail Station. We sponsor a Spring clean up of the salt marsh and hold November history programs. We have funded various gifts including trees and flowers, historical signs, binoculars, and a digital camera. We co-sponsor festivals at the Interpretive Center and Train Terminal. Our Garden Program has many volunteers regularly planting and taking care of LSPs flower beds and trees.
As a member of the LSP Public Advisory Committee, (formerly the Interdisciplinary Planning Committee), we have strongly supported the plan for a 250 acre Interior natural area. It will include nature trails; a 100 acre forest and tall grass habitat; freshwater wetlands; a salt marsh re-created by a channel entering from the Hudson River; and an open space perimeter. The Interior, the nation's largest urban nature restoration project, will make LSP an even more amazing state park.  Interior

Please join us in helping Liberty State Park continue to blossom into an inspiring and special park.