To pay for the luncheon through our online company, here are the steps below.


We’d ask that you please pay the company’s processing fee, which would be a total of $68.06 (instead of $65) for one person and $136.13 for two people (instead of $130).

1. Go to../donate/donate_now.html and click on Donate Now rectangle.

2. On the JustGive page, where it says, I would like to donate, please click “Other” and enter $65.

3. Under that, it says, “please give the charity my … Please enter your name and email address and the mailing address is optional.

4. Under that, it says “Program”. Please select “Other” and enter Luncheon where is says “enter program name.”

5. Click “Add to Basket”.

6. Click “Proceed to Basket”.

7. On left, please click “Guest Check out” (below returning donors unless you have or want an account).

8. We’d appreciate your covering the online company cost by checking the box “I’ll cover the processing fee”.

9. Please enter your credit card info.

10. Click complete donation.

11. The Friends will check JustGive every day to record your coming to the luncheon.

12. If you are paying for more than one person, PLEASE do this extra step of emailing to tell us your name and the name(s) of whom you are coming with.