Governor Christie's NJDEP has put out an RFP which would lease out the 21 acre LSP Caven Point Natural Area Peninsula. The bid hasn't been chosen yet but we assume it's for the Liberty National Golf Course to use for golf holes. The lease is for 24 years which would avoid public hearings requirements but we'll press hard with the new Governor for a full public participation process.

There are certain state and federal protections of this designated natural area (though it doesn't have the highest legal protections).

This natural area includes the beach where LSP naturalists do environmental education and where horseshoe crabs mate and which birds use as habitat and as a migration stop, and an uplands habitat which is connected to the beach habitat. This natural area is deserved by us and future generations and as a wildlife habitat.

We'll keep you posted and start a public battle when Governor Christie's NJDEP selects the bid. Please follow the Friends of LSP and the NY/NJ Baykeeper on social media and sign up for our periodic emails.

- March 3 from 10:30 to Noon - Friends hosting a Walk into the Caven Point Natural Area alsong walkway to the bird sanctuary boardwalk (3/30) and beach behind Lady Liberty

- Friends of LSP's and NY/NJ Baykeeper's 12/14 Comments to NJDEP opposing this RFP

- Caven Point Peninsula on LSP map - it's on left side of map (the boardwalk through the uplands area, closed during bird matting season, would be eliminated

- Caven Point Cove EnviroNews 1985 story - 293 acres officially recognized as site of significant natural resource value by designation to NJ's Register of Natural Areas

- Caven Point Peninsula fact sheet

- Photos by Rick Cordner of birds in the area of the Caven Point tidal mud flats