- Friends of LSP's Statement Opposing Liberty National Golf Course Proposal for 24 year lease for the
  LSP Caven Point Natural Area Peninsula

#savecavenpoint and #savelsp

Governor Christie's NJDEP put out an RFP  which would lease out the  priceless 21 acre LSP Caven Point Natural Area - a critical urban wildlife habitat with its unique nature enjoyment and education opportunities -  for 24 years and the only bid, as expected, was submitted by Liberty National Golf Course for 3 golf holes.

Please help fight against multimillionaires' golf course getting this priceless LSP natural area.

PLEASE EMAIL officeofleases@dep.nj.gov "to urge the DEP to reject the Liberty National Golf Course proposal to lease away the LSP Caven Point Natural Area. "Suggested Subject line: Reject Golf Course proposal for LSP Caven Point". THANKS! 

- Saturday, March 3 from 10:30 to Noon - Friends & NY/NJ Baykeeper co-hosting a Nature Walk to Save LSP's Caven Point Natural Area. We'll go into the seasonally opened bird sanctuary and onto the beach print in landscape view

- The Facebook Event post for our Nature Walk on March 3 is here

- LSP's official Caven Point Fact Sheet  

- Caven Point history, bird species list and photos on Shayna Marchese's webpage

- Friends of LSP's and NY/NJ Baykeeper's 12/14 Comments to NJDEP opposing this RFP

- Caven Point Peninsula circled on aerial map in relation to rest of LSP and the Golf Course

- Renderings  of the Liberty National Golf Course plan for casino, 95 story tower and 2nd tower on their still vacant land.

graphic by Shayna Marchese

Golf Course Battle News Stories

- Caven Point Cove EnviroNews 1985 story - 293 acres officially recognized as site of significant natural resource value by designation to NJ's Register of Natural Areas

- 1/25/18 TV NBC New York by Brian Thompson "Golf Course Expansion Plan Ourtrages NJ Park Group"

- 1/24/18 The Jersey Journal by Terrence McDonald "Jersey City golf course seeks to expand into Liberty State Park"

- 1/24/28 The Jersey Journal - great Caven Point photo gallery by Reena Rose Sibayan

-1/24/18 The Record by Scott Fallon "Liberty National Golf Club wants to expand into Liberty State Park"

Letters to the Editor

- 2/14/18  The Jersey Journal  by Lynn Albin and Michel Puder "Caven Point shouldn't be leased, tampered with"  

- 2/12/18  The Jersey Journal 2 letters to the editor to Save Caven Point - Jersey City Councilman James Solomon and Art Fredman  

- 2/8/18 The Jersey Journal 2 letters to the editor to Save Caven Point - Clara Richardson and Don Stitzenberg, president, Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy

- 1/30/18 The Jersey Journal 3 letters to Save Caven Point - Jeff Tittel, Director of NJ Sierra Club, Agnes De Bethune and Thomas Zalewski