Park Scenes

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 Miss. New Jersey of the Circle Line, returns to the park after the day's last stops at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  The ferry docks at a restored pier of the Central Railroad of NJ Terminal. Photo by Leon Yost
   Friends volunteers periodically help clean up this LSP Caven Point Natural Area Beach.  Park naturalists lead nature programs here (201-915-3409) Horseshoe crabs lays eggs here once a year.  Photo by Alan Pollock

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   The first blooming of a wildflower meadow in the 90 acre Green Park Section, located between Freedom Way and Liberty Walk, the park's riverfront promenade. Photo by Cecelia Farley
     Liberation Monument statue (by sculptor Natan Rappoport) on the park's South Overlook Lawn. "Liberation" depicts an unarmed World War 2  American soldier carrying a survivor out of a Nazi concentration camp.  Photo by Joel Sugarman

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    The Flag Plaza, at the South Overlook Lawn (less than 2,000 feet from Lady Liberty) has 13 flags representing the 13 original states.  Nearby is a picnic area.   Photo by Neil Corbin
Winter photo by Monico Rabara

Photo Carol Van Houten

The LIBERTY WALK promenade graces the park's eastern edge, and is a 1.3 mile stroll from the park's south end's Overlook Lawn to the north end's  historic CRRNJ Terminal. Photo by Communipaw Communications, Inc.
Sophia Traina-Using the exercise course on Freedom Way

Eleanor Traina

John Tichenor - Friends' president from 1988 - 1995 During Spring 2002 Salt Marsh Volunteer Clean-Up

July' 02 - Annual barbecue hosted by Liberty State Park

Ethel Pesin, Yvonne Balcer, Freeholder Bill O'Dea


Sophia Traina with sled north of Interpretive Center

NYC Skyline with Green Park section.

December 2002

On left is Park's Superintendent Josh Osowski, on right is former Superintendent Steve Ellis

Winter Scene by Michael Popowski

Cross Country Skier by Michael Popowski

LSP Shoreline by Michael Popowski

The Skyline from LSP

Nature Trail by Michael Popowski

Nature Trail by Michael Popowski

Nature trail by Michael Popowksi

Winter Scene by Michael Popowski

Nature Trail At LSP by Michael Popowski

LSP Walkway

Millennium Park weeding Volunteers

Tree Seedling Planting

Planting of wildflower meadow

Planting of wildflower meadow

Michel and Phil - Plant tree seedlings

Planted by Gladys

Along Pesin Drive

A view from the North Cove

by Michael Popowski

The Skyline from the Grove of Remembrance

by Michael Popowski

CRRNJ Terminal with skyline

by Michael Popowski

Relaxing at the July 4, 2005 celebration

Grace, friend, Lois, Ethel

Friends who visit the park on a regular basis

Sam and mother at LSP

Terminal photo

Ethel at Terminal

John Bias, LSP Conservancy President Greg Remaud, Charlie Hannon

Frank Gallagher, Park Administrator at LSP for over 20 years

Sam and Ethel at Terminal

Sunset at LSP by Michael Popowski

Along the Interpretive Trail by Michael Popowski

Volunteers Kathy & Eliza and horticulturist Maria

Kites, Boys, and Dad

by Derrick Henry

Liberty State Park 9/11/05

by Michael Popowski


Morris Canal Little Basin

by Michael Popowski

View from Morriw Canal Little Basin

by Michael Popowksi






Doris Conrad in middle is daughter of LSP pioneer Ted Conrad.

Left, Michel Cullierier, vice-president
Middle, Eliza Wright, vice-president
Right, Sam Pesin President

by Michael J. Smith


Left to Right

Eliza, Michel, Sam, Ethel, Sup't Josh
at FOLSP 1st Luncheon 2006

LSP Advocate
Assemblyman Lou Manzo on right
Luncheon 2006

Left to Right

Greg Remaud, NY/NY Baykeeper Preservation Director
Senator Robert Menendez, Sam Pesin
Luncheon 2006


Awardee Commodore Jim O'Connor of Liberty Yacht Club with Vice-President Michel Cuillerier
Luncheon 2007



by Alina Oswald

View from Jersey City toward Ellis Island and Statue

by Alina Oswald

Kelly Darr, the artist, who designed Friends' LSP tee shirt

by Alina Oswald

Awardee Marvin Silber with poster for book
of his photos "Wild Birds in Parks of Hudson County

Awardee Gladys Vasques with Ethel and Sam Pesin

by Alina Oswald

Awardee Assemblyman Louis Manzo with Michel, Greg Remaud, Eliza and Sam

by Alina Oswald

LSP's neighbor Lady Liberty

by Alina Oswald

Verrazano Narrows Bridge seen from LSP

by Alina Oswald

Historic Trilogy of
Central RR of NJ Terminal
Ellis Island and Lady Liberty

by Alina Oswald

LSP's South Overlook Lawn

by Alina Oswald

Liberty Science Center at LSP

by Alina Oswald

July 4, 2007
JC fireworks at LSP

Plants with Terminal cupola

Statue from 07 Star-Ledger Jazz Festival by Alina Oswald

"behind Terminal with view of Lady Liberty over Ellis Island"

"from his JC home by John Tichenor"