Wildlife Photos

LSP is a  major stop on the Atlantic Flyway used by migratory birds. Over 250 bird species migrate through or live in LSP.  Bird photos by the park's unofficial wildlife photographer, the late Marvin Silber.  


 saw-whet-owl.jpg (17536 bytes) saw whet owl snowy-owl.jpg (76093 bytes) snowy owl
 Greategret.jpg (29986 bytes) great egret snowyeagret.jpg (10922 bytes) snowy egret
immature yellow crown night heron.jpg (53411 bytes)
immature yellow crown night heron
 mature yellow crowned night heron.jpg (67902 bytes)
mature yellow crowned night heron
glossy ibis.jpg (23911 bytes) glossy ibis blackcrowned night heron.jpg (41920 bytes) black crowned night heron
oyster catcher.jpg (14846 bytes) oyster catcher plover.jpg (32547 bytes) plover
immature tern.jpg (38582 bytes) immature tern skimmer.jpg (30269 bytes) skimmer
male bufflehead.jpg (28395 bytes) male bufflehead kingfisher.jpg (25583 bytes) kingfisher
male harrier.jpg (15650 bytes) male harrier (mash hawk) red tailed hawk.jpg (21955 bytes) red tailed hawk (Port Liberte)
kestrel.jpg (27564 bytes) kestrel with mouse snow geese.jpg (31517 bytes) snow geese
pheasant.jpg (56040 bytes) pheasant harrier female.jpg (28553 bytes) harrier female (marsh hawk)
green heron.jpg (15530 bytes) green heron tern.jpg (6124 bytes) tern
swans.jpg (21710 bytes) swans dowitchers.jpg (23757 bytes) dowitchers
red breasted nuthatch.jpg (41384 bytes) red breasted nuthatch unknown duck.jpg (14580 bytes) unknown duck
song sparrow.jpg (24801 bytes) song sparrow semi palmated sand piper.jpg (24208 bytes) semi palmated sand piper
harbor seals.jpg (11639 bytes) harbor seals coots.jpg (42848 bytes) coots
seal.jpg (20641 bytes) harbor seal by Patricia Hilliard 80.2 Jack Rabbit along the Nature Trail.jpg (295343 bytes)   Jack Rabbit on the Nature Trail? by Michael Popowski  
Jack Rabbit at Liberty Park Natural Area.jpg (682335 bytes) Jack Rabbit at Liberty State Park Natural Area by Michael Popowski Copy of 3.1.jpg (46031 bytes) by Michael Popowski
Copy (2) of 5..jpg (10871 bytes) by Michael Popowski Copy of 3.1.jpg (46031 bytes) by Michael Popowski
 by Michael Popowksi 338a33d.jpg (92900 bytes) by Michael Popowski