/15/16  "The Jersey Journal" by Caitlin Mota
What Christie will be getting in the mail from LSP advocates

2/15/16 "NJTV" by Brenda Flanagan
Liberty State Park Advocates Protest Proposed Development

2/15/16  "POLITICKERNJ" by Max Pizarro
Activist Pesin tells Gov. Christie to "get hands off Liberty State Park"

2/15/16 Video -  "Hudson County View" by Jeannette Josue (includes interview with Greg Remaud, Deputy Dir. of NY/NJ Baykeeper)
Liberty State Park activist Pesin rips Christie: "Keep your hands off this park"

2/15/16 Video - "WMBCTV" by Burt Sempier
"NJ Liberty State Park" includes interview with park user Jayne Freeman (to see LSP commercialized is so against all this park stands for)