Friends Opposes Train Tracks for trolley in LSP - supports "green" shuttle bus on existing roads

Second and last public meeting will be at City Hall on Thursday May 9. 
Please look here for details and the email address to submit comments.

- Flyer for Thursday May 9 City Hall Public Meeting

- Flyer for Thursday Jan. 24 City Hall Public Meeting           

- 8/3 "JC Independent" story introducing trolleys on train tracks threat to LSP open space and serenity

- Friends Position Statement Supporting Green Shuttle Bus and Opposing Trolleys on Tracks in LSP

-SSE Study Team's Survey Results Presentation (highlights on pages 4,10, and 17)

-SSE Study Team's Options for Shuttle Bus or Trolleys on tracks (highlights pages 8-11).

Proposed trolley tracks route
taking away 12 feet of grass
of south side of Zapp Drive
with Grove of Remembrance on 
other side of nearby