Letters and Resolutions

8/12/15 Senate President Sweeney & Senator Cunningham call for "ample" public process for our "national treasure"

8/12/15 "The Jersey Journal" by Ben Shapiro
Sweeney, Cunningham advocate for Liberty State Park in letter to DEP commission

12/10/15 Resolution by the Hudson County Board of Freeholders oppose commercialization plans and call for full public participation process

8/3/15 Friends' letter to DEP urging maximum public process for privatization plans

1/27/16 Resolution by the Jersey City City Council opposing commercialization plans and callfor full public participation process

12/21/15 Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop letter to Commissioner "people of JC & NJ deserve chances to weigh in"

1/14/16 Senator Lorretta Weinberg, Senate Majority leader, letter urging public hearings and public comment period

2/4/16 Assemblyman Raj Mukherji letter to Commissioner, "For over thirty-nine years, public consensus from advocates and local residents alike has remained constant in opposition to any commercialization or privatization proposals."

Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight and Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti letter to "Commissioner"
"Families, schools, community groups, and tourists alike enjoy the vast greenery, trees and wildlife throughout the park on a daily basis".

3/29/16 Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro letter to DEP Commissioner "LSP is a "crown jewel" not because of its potential for development, but  because of what it currently offers the people of Hudson County and beyond."

4/8/16 Senator and Union City Mayor Stack letter to Commissioner - "I implore you to consider the residents of Hudson County and seek public comment before making any decisions on a privatization plan. Turning Liberty State Park into a private concert or hotel is not the answer. It will adversely impact the quality of life for the residents of Hudson County and take away a much needed space for recreation."

4/11/16 Deputy Speaker, Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer's letter to DEP Commissioner Martin "A public 
hearing and public commenting period makes any plans regarding the state park legitimate and within the spirit  of the public consensus. State parks provide great benefit to the public, especially in areas of high density, where green spaces are limited."

4/28//16 Senator Ray Lesniak letter to Com. Martin "I am writing to express my firm opposition to the NJDEP's plan to privatize and commercialize LSP. Private development at LSP would take away open space and restrict public access to the park... I urge you to ... seek public comment before making any decision on a privatization plan". 

5/3/16 Assembly Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski letter to Com. Martin "I ask that you to hold at least two public hearings at Liberty State Park to ensure that the public is allowed to voice their opinions prior to making any decisions on a privatization plan."