The Star Ledger Letter to editor on November 19, 2015

Preserving Liberty State Park

Dear Editor

With our American goal of liberty and justice for all and with Frances motto of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, Liberty State Park is a priceless and inspiring sanctuary belonging to all as a free and green public space behind the Statue of Liberty.
Governor Christie administrations coming plans for commercial development in LSP ignores the parks purpose, and meaning to peoples lives. Since the park opened in 1976 as New Jerseys gift to our nation, the overwhelming majority has opposed commercialization, no matter what revenue was promised.  Chunks of this special American landmark shouldn't be leased out.
There is no better tribute or neighbor to Lady Liberty and Ellis Island than a free open space, non-commercialized, non-privatized park. 
LSP is a sacred symbol of democracy and patriotism as much as our national shrines in the harbor are. LSP is also sacred land because it is very scarce urban open space in a very densely populated region, and also the park has two NJ 9/11 memorials, the Grove of Remembrance and Empty Sky. The park, as a spiritually-powerful public resource, is incomparable.

Sam Pesin is president of The Friends of Liberty State Park