Volunteerism and Hidden Benefits

 As the title says it all, volunteerism: the free giving of one's

time and efforts on behalf of something or somebody else, is

rewarding to your own well-being. The old saying:" You'll get more out

of it than what you put in" is true in all sense of the meaning. The

opportunity to spend some quality time working on a park project or

program gives you a real sense of belonging and accomplishment.

 Liberty State park has many opportunities for the public to

participate in their projects or programs. If you like to meet and

greet the public at the Historic Terminal Building information kiosk

or to really get hands-on gardening at the many garden plots

currently being tended by a group of dedicated and committed people

in the park, you will find a number of like-minded people

volunteering their time as well.

Why would you want to volunteer your valuable time to be involved

in the workings of this park? Personally, it puts me closer to people

I would not have met in my every day activities and it gives me

satisfaction to know that I am making a difference in their lives and

the park's environment. If you are still interested, don't be afraid

to call the park office and talk to them about what opportunities

there are in the park to volunteer and have fun at it.


Michel Cuillerier

Vice President

Friends of Liberty State park