5/16/16 "The Star Ledger" by editorial board
A victory for Liberty State Park, and justice

6/2/16 "The Jersey Journal"  Op-Ed "Thank you" by Sam Pesin, Friends of LSP president
"Free and Green! Many helped save LSP from development" 

5/12/16 Politico by David Giambusso
Liberty State Park advocates cheer DEP decision to abandon development

5/12/16 "The Jersey Journal" by Patrick Villanova
State is walking away from potential development at Liberty State Park, DEP Commissioner says 

5/12/16 "The Record" by Scott Fallon
New Jersey dropping plans for Liberty State Park development

5/14/16  "The Jersey Journal" by Nancy Benecki-Hawkins
"Pet Parade" becomes victory lap for Liberty State Park supporters" 

Pet Parade Flyer, Saturday May 14, 2016

For  Petition flyer/poster to be hung up or distributed, please click here. Art work by Patrick Conlon of BikeJC

Petition page to print out and give to people without computers

Friends of LSP Statement Opposing NJDEP's Commercialization/Privatization Plans

Friends of LSP: The Liberty State Park FACTS/FALSE response to DEP's Commercialization/Privatization Proposals

5/3/16 "The Jersey Journal" by Caitlin Mota
Liberty State Park advocates "counting down" the days until Christie leaves office

3/2/16 "The Record" Op-Ed Column by Greg Remaud, NY/NJ Baykeeper Deputy Director
"Liberty State Park by the numbers"

11/25/15 Press Release: Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop Responds to State of NJ's Proposal to Commercially Develop LSP - "Parks are a public amenity and decisions around keeping precious open space should not be based on dollars, but should be based on the quality of life."

1/22/16 "The Jersey Journal" letter to the editor by Senator Robert Menendez
Let's prevent the private development of Liberty State Park

The Coalition to Save Liberty State Park Letter to Governor Christie  - with organizations which have already signed on

For organizations to join the Coalition, please sign on to the letter at this link

11/25/15 DEP 18 page development proposals for LSP (LSP has 1200 acres, 600 of land and 600 of water/marsh)

by Rafael Torres

11/27/15 DEP Development Proposals Appendices - NJ Future/Biederman 43 page report is #4

11/30/15 Friends' Letter to DEP Commissioner "Must Have Public Hearings & Public Comment Period."

Letters/Resolutions from elected officials to DEP & news stories calling for public hearings & public comment period

1/21/16 News Conference stories announcing Coalition to Save LSP with prominent elected officials

2/15/16 Presidents Day Group Photo Protest news stories

11/24/15 "The Record" by Scott Fallon
Christie administration unveils ideas for hotels, theater, amusements at Liberty State Park

1/25/16 "The Record" by editorial board
Saving Liberty Park

11/30/15 "The Record" by editorial board
Liberty Maul

11/28/15 "The Asbury Park Press" (www.app.com) by editorial board
Is Liberty State Park doomed?

9/16/15 "The Star Ledger" Op-Ed Column by Greg Remaud, NY/NJ Baykeeper's Deputy Director
"Christie's manipulation puts Liberty State Park in  jeopardy"

10/6/15 "The Record" Op-Ed Column by Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop
"Parks are for people, not Development"

2/5/16 "The Jersey Journal" letter to the editor by Laura Skolar, president of JC Parks Coalition
Join effort, sign petition opposing privatization at Liberty State Park

11/25/15 "The Jersey Journal" by Terrence T. McDonald
Liberty State Park ideas 'a recipe for destroying' park, mayor says

11/25/15 "POLITICO NEW JERSEY" by David Giambusso
Liberty State Park advocates vow to fight Christie's proposals

11/25/15 "NJTV" by Brenda Flanagan
Controversial Development Proposals for Liberty State Park Released

11/28/15 "NJ Advance Media for NJ.com" by Laura Herzog
Should Liberty State Park add amusement rides, apartments, and hotels?

1/14/16 Comcast "Newmakers" interview (5 min.) with Greg Remaud, Deputy Director of NY/NJ Baykeeper
"Liberty State Park Overview and Future Plans"

11/27/15 "The Jersey Journal" Letter to the Editor by Colin Egan
Liberty State Park, parks in general, not supposed to make money

11/19/15 "The Star Ledger" Friends of LSP's letter to the editor on LSP as sacred symbol of democracy
Preserving Liberty State Park

11/13/15 "THE BOND BUYER" by Andrew Coen
"New Jersey Park Development Plans Spur Opposition"

11/1/15 "The Jersey Journal" by Michaelangelo Conte
Some 200 people rally against privatization and commercialization in Liberty State Park
(including over 150 bicycle riders, day's total was over 300 - Friends' note)

11/8/15 The Hudson Reporter (Jersey City edition) by Al Sullivan
Give me liberty or ... Rally held to save Liberty State Park from commercial development
Statement from FOLSP president Sam Pesin condemning story's quotes by NJ Future director

11/1/15 Video by Yvonne Balcer for Speak NJ (her Public Access TV program)
Protest in Liberty State Park Against Privatization
approx. 4 minute video with 2 short interviews and showing bicyclists starting their protest ride

10/17/15 "The Jersey Journal" by Ken Thorbourne
"In your face Christie! Liberty State Park advocates post sign in Trenton"

10/2/15 "The Jersey Journal" by Patrica Villanova
Senators want 'secret' DEP report, plan hearing on Liberty Park's future

10/9/15 "NJTV News" by David Cruz
Friends' Say Liberty State Park Not for Sale

9/24/15 "POLITICO New York Magazine" by Joe Pompeo and David Giambusso
"Liberty State Park advocates fear real estate encroachment"

8/9/15 "The Record" by Scott Fallon
Liberty Park advocates seek hearing on report project

9/1/15 "The Jersey Journal" by Patrick McGovern
Jersey City resident sues DEP over refusal to release LSP report

8/14/15 Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop letter to DEP: "Citizen Army" will fight construction plans

8/15/15 "The Jersey Journal"  by Ben Shapiro
Fulop tells state: "Hands off our park!"

8/5/15 "The Philadelphia Inquirer" by Ed Colimore
Seeking a greater public role in LSP's future

7/23/15 "The Star Ledger" letter to editor from Friends of LSP
"Christie's plans will destroy LSP"

7/6/15 "The Star Ledger"  Editorial Board
Christie and his enablers jeopardize Liberty State Park

7/7/15 "NJ Public Television NJTV" video and text by reporter Briana Vannozzi
Liberty State Park Advocates Fear Commercial Development Despite New Law

7/7/15 "The Philadelphia Inquirer" by Ed Colimore
New Legislation on Liberty State Park

7/8/15 "The Record"  Editorial Board
Liberty Park at risk

6/27/15 "The Record" by Scott Fallon
Control of development at Liberty State Park draws concern

5/16/15 video of privatization protest - speeches by Sam & NY/NJ Baykeeper Deputy Director Greg Remaud (towards end of video are scenes of people using park)

5/20/15 "The Jersey Journal" by Caitlin Mota and photos by Richard McCormack
Liberty State Park supporters protest threat of privatization of park at picnic

5/21/15 "The Record" by Scott Fallon
Bill Seeks to Lift Control of Jersey City's Liberty State Park from sports agency

5/18/15 Ricardo Kaulessar Focal Point JC (City Storytellers Project blog)
"Privatization Plans for Liberty State Park Also Community Concern"

2/12/15 "New Jersey TV (NJTV)" video and text of story by David Cruz
Liberty State Park Supporters Say State's Ready to Hand Park Over to Developers

2/11/15  "The Jersey Journal" by Summer Dawn Hortillosa
"Cleanup" bill to protect Liberty State Park doesn't go far enough, park group says

2/10/15 "The Record" by Dustin Racioppi and Scott Fallon
Proposed N.J. bill seeks to clarify oversight of the Meadowlands and LSP
 (Friends' quote is  "new bill is totally contradictory to what (the sponsors) said in their statement.")

Press Release of new bill Sponsors Assemblyman Prieto & Senator Sarlo 

New Assembly Bill 4196 Language on Liberty State Park

2/7/15 Friends' vigilance summary statement to LSP supporters on Gov signing bill & new bill
(statement based on bill sponsor's quickly abandoned promised of Commission only reviewing LSP plans)

 2/5/15 Friends' press release on Gov signing bill & new law
(statement based on bill sponsor's quickly abandoned promise of Commission only reviewing LSP plans)

2/5/15 Governor Chris Christie's  Press Release

1/6/15  New Jersey Public TV (NJTV) story and text of story by Brenda Flannigan
New Law Raises Concern Over Liberty State Park

2/5/15 "Star-Ledger" by S.P. Sullivan
Christie signs controversial Meadowlands bill but says bill will be revised

2/4/15 "The Record" by Scott Fallon (story exposes that DEP already has some development plans)
Deadline looms on bill to allow development at Liberty State Park

2/6/15 "The Philadelphia Inquirer" by Edward Colimore
NJ lawmakers to revise law affecting Liberty State Park

2/5/15 "The Jersey Journal" by Sudip Bhattacharya  
Hudson County officials react to Christie signing controversial bill affecting Meadowlands    

Thank you everyone for calling and making a difference.

Urgent to Please call by Feb. 5th - Governor to keep LSP's final decision on any plan under the control of the NJDEP with full public participation. Please call 609-292-6000 and urge Governor to Conditionally Veto "Assembly Bill 3969 - the Hackensack Meadowlands Agency Consolidation Act until the LSP language is removed -  as the bill put LSP under planning control of this new autonomous Meadowlands development commission (as bill says that this Commission "shall evaluate, approve, and implement any plan for LSP !

The Jersey City Parks Coalition's Sign-On letter for organizations - with almost 60 groups so far.
For organizations to sign on, please click here.

1/2/15 "Star-Ledger" by editorial board:
Christie's agenda threatens Liberty State Park, editorial

1/3/15 "The Record" by editorial board:
 Protecting Liberty

1/19/15 "The Philadelphia Inquirer" by Ed Colimore
Groups wanting to protect Liberty Park seek change in bill

1/6/15 "The New York Times" by Jason  Grant (version is also in 1/7 print edition)
Fans of Liberty State Park Leery of Proposed Agency (Friends note: "LSP language must be removed from bill")

1/25/15 Scientists who know LSP -  Open Letter to Governor

1/17/15 "The Jersey Journal" 'Political Insider' column by Agustin C. Torres
Target: LSP (Print edition excerpt on LSP

1/12/15 by Colin Egan, Friends of the Loews
Why Liberty State Park Matters

1/10/15 "The Jersey Journal" by Sudip Bhattachary 
Environmental groups urge Christie to veto bill they say is threat to Liberty State Park

1/11/15 "The Jersey City Reporter" by Al Sullivan
The Battle for Liberty State Park

1/11/15 "Jersey Journal"  by Sudip Bhattacharya
 2 Hudson County legislators say they'd approve revision of controversial "Meadowlands Hackensack" bill  

 1/5/15  "The Record" by Scott Fallon
DEP requested change in Liberty Park Oversight

1/5/15 "Star Ledger"  by
 Matt Friedman  NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
Christie administration requested changes to Meadowlands bill that could open Liberty State Park to development

(LSP is 600 acres of land and 600 of water/marsh and has little mistake of "private conservation battles" instead of "privatization battles")

1/5/15 New Jersey public TV story and text of story

1/1/15 "The Record" news story by Scott Fallon: 
Advocates see hidden threat to Liberty State Park; bill could spark development 
(with added comments by Sam Pesin in italics)

1/8/15 "Jersey Journal" by Terrence McDonald
Advocates for Liberty State Park remain puzzled by legislation (Friends' note - LSP supporters are angry, not puzzled)

1/9/15 "The Daily Record" (of Morris County) editorial -  1/9/15 reprinted as "The Asbury Park Press" (of Morris County) editorial
Look out, Liberty State Park

1/5/15 "The Jersey City Independent" (online) by Jack Silbert
Liberty State Park to Highest Bidder!

Dec/Jan  Bill Wolfe's NJ environmental watchdog blog website
Jan 11 post - Christie DEP and Assembly Speaker Confirm That Major Tourist Related
Development Planned for LSP

Friends Press Release pesinliberty@earthlink.net  201-792-1993                                                                                   


Assembly bill 3969 (page 26) includes Liberty State Park in Meadlowlands Act!


 We urge you on behalf of New Jerseyans to veto this Act until LSP is taken out of it!

“Hackensack Meadowlands Agency Consolidation Act” throws Liberty State Park(LSP) decision-making under the control of the autonomous Meadowlands Regional Commission”. (MRC). The Act folded the NJ Meadowlands Commission into the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority.  MRC should have zero control over LSP!

 Assembly Bill 3969 ( & Senate Bill 2647) with the Page 26 LSP amendment deviously, outrageously and shamefully snuck in at the last minute were fast-tracked, passing within 11 days with final votes right before Christmas on 12/22. This is Putin-style government – obscenely stealing LSP and attacking the Public’s broad public consensus for a free and green park – and attacking the Public Good for this priceless treasure- the jewel in the crown of NJ - a Sacred Park – sacred as it is scarce urban open space and is right behind Lady Liberty. Most likely, most legislators were not even aware of the LSP amendment


We urge the Governor to give a conditional veto of this Act until LSP is taken out of it to protect LSP by leaving its decisions to the DEP and its Division of Parks and Forestry and the public and to prevent a new LSP era with constant negative, wasteful battles – as the park was a sacred battleground from the time it opened in 1976 when a theme park was pushed until 2003 when the LSP Development Corporation was ended after 20 years of causing statewide battles against a golf course, waterpark, etc.

 The Act gives the keys to LSP to the autonomous MRC and takes the keys away from DEP and the public. The MRC will be pressured by developers, promoters and misguided officials to turn LSP into a COMMERCIAL VENUE CASH COW TO RAISE REVENUE and will ignore LSP’s true purpose as a free park for the quality of life for urban people and the free enjoyment by visitors from around NJ and our nation. The MRC will feel no responsibility to protect public access to LSP, a great urban open space family park with spectacular views of Lady Liberty, NYC and the harbor and for picnics, playgrounds, gardens, walking/bicycling/jogging,& ferries to Lady Liberty/ Ellis Island.

Governor, please stand up for LSP and tell the legislature to take LSP out of the Act.



page 26
The Commission Shall

36. Evaluate, approve, and implement any plan or plans for the 
37  further preservation, development, enhancement, or improvement of 
38 Liberty State Park and the buildings, structures, properties, and 
39 appurtenances related thereto, or incidental to, necessary for, or 
40 complimentary to the park
. The commission may avail itself of any 
41 plans under review by the Department of Environmental Protection 
42 from any source that may promote expanded and diverse 
43 recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities for visitors to 
44 Liberty State Park and provide greater access to park facilities. Any 
45 approved plans shall constitute a project of the commission, and 
46 shall be adopted as part of the master plan;